Statistics And E-Commerce Trends for The Success of Black Friday in The Mena Region In 2022


Lucky November

Dubai – Seasonal sales and advertising campaigns dominate the fall. November will likely be the most profitable month for many MENA companies.

Analysis of 210 million Online Orders

After examining and analysing more than 210 million online orders, the IT-company Admitad was able to identify and accurately predict the product categories that MENA consumers will find most appealing during the Black Friday and Autumn holiday seasons. The company also used data to determine the best methods for attracting new customers.

Post-Sales? Pre-Sales?  Analysis Show: The More, the Better

Pre-Black Friday sales boost a business’s chances of making a sale by generating interest in the big event.

In contrast to prior years, online sales did not soar on Black Friday itself in 2021. During the typical sale periods, fewer internet orders were placed than in the previous year. Instead, sales increased in breadth across a longer period when the offer was extended from a few days to a few weeks, and the period of solid demand increased.

Experts estimate that the total amount of online sales for Black Friday in 2017 decreased slightly from $9 billion in 2020 to $8.9 billion in 2021. Many businesses started extending their deals beyond the typical Black Friday period by offering pre-sale discounts before November 26th. By doing this, they can spread out the purchasing behaviour of their audiences over more time.

In 2022, brands should prepare for a protracted struggle for consumers’ attention rather than concentrating on a single day.

Which Goods Are Most Likely to Be in Demand?

According to Admitad, last year’s Black Friday saw the most global spending on clothes and electronics. After 2020, interest in the gaming and events industries has considerably increased. The organisation forecasts that this pattern will continue into 2022 because these two industries will grow consistently throughout the year.

These are the product categories that have garnered the most excellent attention from buyers worldwide, and MENA consumers have closely followed these trends:

Home & Garden was one of the most popular categories during the 11.11 Singles Day Sale, but only 4% of Black Friday sales were made up of furniture and household goods. Admitad discovers that the previous sale, which had taken place barely two weeks earlier, had lit numerous fuses for buying these items.

The “Secret Weapon” For the Success of Autumnal Sales.

According to Admitad, a sizable portion of customers (36.4%) would make purchases on Black Friday in 2021 due to attractive discounts from cashback programmes. 19.4% more users bought something from recommendations from online media and blogs, 7.8% from affiliate shops, and 7.5% from coupon services. Customers came in large numbers from social networks and messengers (9.7%).

These platforms and ad networks are projected to grow as a source of clients throughout the 2022 Autumn Sales season. Customers in the MENA region already use and are increasingly using coupon websites, online media, blogs, and cash-back services. The number of orders placed through content websites (blogs and media), affiliate shops, and coupon services increased by 217%, 82%, and 18%, respectively, during the year, despite a slight decline in sales for cashback services.

To determine which traffic channels are currently performing well in MENA, Admitad also looked at this year’s order flow. These might serve as the upcoming deals’ “hidden weapon.” The results demonstrate that contextual adverts on search engine networks like Google, Bing, and others continue to have an increasing impact on local purchasers’ behaviour. By 2022, these platforms’ sales figures will have increased significantly.

Sales of mobile applications have also increased significantly; This is a perfect excuse to get your app ready for sale; consider hiring mobile publishers for partner networks and using mobile ad networks for advertising.

Admitad looked at more than 210 million orders worldwide for this report, including more than a million from the MENA region.